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Resolve your relationship issues and deepen your connection, in a supportive and safe space.

Dr. Bruce Chalmer
Couples Therapist in South Burlington, VT

Dr. Chalmer is a therapist who specializes in working with couples. He brings to this work a wide-ranging curiosity and intelligence, an ability to connect with people, and a passion for helping people live happier, healthier lives. He uses his knowledge, skill, and long experience of couples therapy to help his clients achieve their goals.

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Dr. Chalmer brings to this work a wide-ranging curiosity and intelligence, an ability to connect with people with warmth and humor, and a deep respect for the dignity of each person. Whatever issues you may bring to therapy, be it infidelity, sexual issues, parenting concerns, or any other kind of relationship problem, Dr. Chalmer will help the two of you get past blame and find healing.

Check out Dr. Chalmer’s podcast, videos, and blog to learn more about how he works with you about a wide range of issues, including sex (and how to go from plain old sex to good sex to sacred sex), marriage, faith, cheating and healing from affairs, forgiveness, communication, aging, cross-dressing, porn, and many more topics.

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Couple making love

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What is the “erotic equation”? We talk about the idea, first articulated by Jack Morin in his book The Erotic Mind, that eroticism needs obstacles to be hot. Then we revisit the topic of one of our most popular episodes, “My Wife Found Out I Cross-Dress. Help!” One of our listeners commented on the episode

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Seven Words to Jump-Start Your Love Life – The Podcast

How can our seven-word formula—“Be kind, don’t panic, and have faith”—help your love life? We talk about how those words can guide you as you do the work—sometimes scary work—of healing your passionate connection with your partner. My ridiculous rap on the seven words is at https://www.youtube.com/?v=0cF0bO7mGac. If you sign up for my newsletter (which

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Do These Pants Make Me Look Fat?

What do you do when your partner asks you, “Do these pants make me look fat?” As we discuss, it’s classically asked by a woman of her male partner, and it strikes terror into the hearts of the guy. But we realized—actually, Judy realized—after we did the recording that there’s a great equivalent question that

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